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An Expat Life

26 Sep An Expat Life

Expat Couple in Australia

Life as an expat can be a great adventure. You are able to see your new, adopted homeland through a different lens from that of the locals, who tend to take their local attractions for granted. As an expat, you view the sights as a tourist, keen to soak up the lifestyle, aesthetics and social and cultural differences in wonderment. And Australia has so much to offer, from its iconic beaches to the breathtakingly beautiful red interior, the majestic, rugged gorges of the Pilbara and Kimberley and the picturesque snowfields that attract an influx of visitors during the European summer.

The natural attractions provide just one of the compelling reasons to decide to call Australia home. It is cohesive, prosperous country with a strong economy and stable government. It’s low population density (24mil people in a nation 7.8m sq km in area), high standard of living and relatively unpolluted atmosphere, especially in regional areas, make it a desirable destination for people considering relocating.   Based on high levels of GDP, life expectancy, literacy and education, Australia has been ranked 7th of 174 countries by the Human Development Index (HDI), adding to its attraction as the ideal location for your new home.

While the capital cities have a rich and exciting cosmopolitan flavour, multiculturalism is likely to be less evident in regional areas, where the pace of life may be more leisurely. Regional cities, however, offer most of the benefits of the major cities in terms of recreational and educational opportunities. While the major cities offer more employment opportunities, there is also greater competition for any advertised position in the capital cities.

Because this is a life-changing experience, albeit one that many before you have made with resounding success, it is important that you research the many options Australia has to offer – and draw on the knowledge and expertise of one of our friendly Migration Agents. We are here to help make your expat experience perfect.

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