Learn About the Australian Working Visa Requirements
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First Name :

Surname Name :

Date of Birth :

Country of Residence :

Address :

Email address :

Repeat Email address :

How long have you been together as marital partners :

When did you and your partner meet :

How did you meet :

When did you decide to a committed relationship with your partner :

Since being in a committed relationship, have you lived apart :

If you have lived apart, for how long and how often you communicate whilst apart, form of communication :

When did you start living together :

When were you married (if applicable) :

Do you have children :

If you are living together and are not married, do you have evidence of your having lived together for at least twelve (12) months :

Has the Australian partner been in a marital relationship before :

If Yes, was it with a partner from overseas :

If the previous partner of the Australian partner was sponsored, how long ago :

Was the sponsorship by the Australian partner of the former overseas partner the only sponsorship :

What are your future plans :