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Migrating To Australia

05 Dec An Aussie Xmas

Aussie Xmas Santa and the elves are making last minute preparations for his Christmas deliveries. On Christmas morning, when the final gifts have been placed under the last tree, Santa will head the reindeer down under to Australia so he can shed his cumbersome red suit and don shorts, a T-shirt and thongs and enjoy an Aussie Christmas lunch on the deck or by the pool while the reindeer rest under the shade of a large gum tree. Christmas fare will be ham, cold turkey a smorgasbord of seafood and an array of salads, followed by delectable desserts and a cold beer – but only one because he has to guide the sleigh back to the North Pole.
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08 Oct “ Would you climb 134m to see the dizzying sights of Sydney?”

Sydney’s Circular Quay is the hub of Australia’s most vibrant city. Encircling Sydney’s beautiful harbour, the Quay is the ideal spot for visitors to soak up the ambience of the city. With the skyline dominated by the majestic Harbour Bridge and the iconic Opera House, strategically positioned on Bennelong Point, the site of the landing of the First Fleet in 1788, a stroll around the Quay provides perfect opportunities to capture photos of these world famous landmarks, along with stunning views of the harbour and the city.
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01 Oct The Future of Parent Migration

         Happy Grandparents The Future of Migrant Parents to Australia   The Federal Coalition Government has just opened up debate on the possibility of introducing a five-year temporary visa for parents. This has quickly followed on from the recently released (12 September 2016) report by the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Migrant Intake into Australia (Productivity Commission Report). The Government has had the report since April 2016.   The parent stream has always been a big issue for Governments as they see the cost of elder migrants a real burden to the health and welfare system, not having contributed any taxes in their “productive years.”
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26 Sep An Expat Life

Expat Couple in Australia Life as an expat can be a great adventure. You are able to see your new, adopted homeland through a different lens from that of the locals, who tend to take their local attractions for granted. As an expat, you view the sights as a tourist, keen to soak up the lifestyle, aesthetics and social and cultural differences in wonderment. And Australia has so much to offer, from its iconic beaches to the breathtakingly beautiful red interior, the majestic, rugged gorges of the Pilbara and Kimberley and the picturesque snowfields that attract an influx of visitors during the European summer.
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